Sección: Impresoras 3D
Servicios: Fabricante de impresoras 3D
Fort Collins, CO
Estados Unidos
Información de la empresa:

Ez3D is a designer and manufacturer of innovative 3D printing hardware and printing software.  We are currently selling one major 3D printer model: the Phoenix.  The Phoenix sold over $110,000 worth of units between Kickstarter and IndieGogo, and is continuing to show strong sales.  We are also currently finalizing another printer design, the Legacy2.  In addition to developing 3D printers, we also develop software to manage printers, part libraries, filament supply, and more.

The 3D printer space is currently hyper-competitive, with hundreds of models to choose from.   Fortunately, there is little distinction between these printers, and we are able to compete on many fronts.   Not only do we provide our own, custom software package and unique hardware features, but we also offer an incredibly competitive price point.   Starting at $374, the Phoenix is the best value printer on the market.