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Who are we?

BeAM is the leading European manufacturer of additive manufacturing machines using the technology of metal powder deposit. BeAM manufactures and markets systems for the manufacture and repair of parts. .

BeAM benefits from solid experience in partnership with a manufacturer, through the innovative repair of several hundred aircraft engine parts.

BeAM works on developing new industrial applications for aeronautics, aerospace engineering, defence, nuclear technology and the medical industry, by counting on the expertise of the technology transfer centre of IREPA LASER.

Where does the technology come from?

The CLAD® process is the outcome of applied research (3 doctorate theses led to our manufacturing product) and is based on the experience that IREPA LASER has acquired in the laser cladding industry for more than 15 years.

It was the combination of several research projects and collaborative work in partnership with manufacturers. Support from the French Region Alsace led to the commercialisation of the first industrial machine at the beginning of 2009.

By relying on the solid experience of the technology transfer centre IREPA LASER, BeAM has benefited from a very high level of expertise from the outset of its launch, in terms of:  


  • Process development
  • System engineering using 4 pre-built EasyCLAD machines.


What we offer

BeAM is a manufacturer of additive manufacturing machines based on the CLAD technology of depositing metal powders melted by lasers.

BeAM has developed a Solutions-oriented approach that helps its clients to industrialise their manufacturing and repair processes, while making sure that they promptly receive a return on investment.

This industrialisation goes through various stages of our range of services: