Sección: Impresoras 3D
Servicios: Fabricante de impresoras 3D, Tienda
2PrintBeta - Wenger & Krautwasser GbR
Reisstrasse 5
78467 Konstanz
Información de la empresa:

We are a young team of innovative engineers and are currently in the startup phase of our company.
Our speciality is rapid prototyping with the CNC-controlled production of printed 3D models.

Our newest product is the Printupy 3D printer in two versions, the single print head and the DualX version (with two print heads). Our concept dictates inhouse production and compliance with our strict design guidelines. We oblige in providing superior service towards our customers and we are expanding our offers for training and education in one-day workshops in the future. Through the fusion of 2PrintBeta and Konsolo we now have the comprehensive know how in mechanics, electronics, computer science and chemistry, so that we are able to offer complex services in the industrial sector.