Yunirapitto Ⅲ

Yunirapitto Ⅲ  3D printer
Yunirapitto Ⅲ  3D printer Yunirapitto Ⅲ  3D printer Yunirapitto Ⅲ  3D printer
Valoración de los usuarios
Tamaño máximo de impresión:
150x150x150 mm
Espesor de capa:
50 microns
Tamaño mínimo de pared:
100 microns
Formato de entrega:
Tamaño de la impresora:
500x500x750 mm
País de fabricación:

The history of 3D printers, began to layered manufacturing by curing the photo-curable resin by scanning UV (ultraviolet) laser, optical modeling machine (light shaping apparatus, optical modeling system) from.
3D printer variety has been sold recently, optical molding machine equipped with a UV laser is extremely high with 20 million yen - 50 million yen in that.
However, the quality of the model that can be said also the highest peak of the three-dimensional printer.
Now it is Yunirapitto Ⅲ of our company, it is fine light molding machine accessories only.
That it is equipped with a UV laser is the same as that of the optical modeling apparatus of several tens of million yen class, but we'll use an XY plotter of the ball screw expression for the scan.
Accuracy is high in this method, excellent stability, but the scanning speed because it is slow, it is not recommended for applications that make a great model.
However, in the research, development, and is ideal for applications such as high definition to make it, or make a fine model to the extent that ride on the fingertip.
(If you make a fine model as I do not know well, our naked eye micro-stereolithography experimental aircraft please visit)

Small enough to ride in fingertip model to be made is in the majority, please consider Yunirapitto Ⅲ by all means.
Because there 150mm angle (molding table, model of 150mm maximum angle can be up modeling.
In addition, I can also be a plurality of side-by-side on the table a small model, and shaping at the same time. )


Light source: semiconductor-pumped solid-state laser 355nm
Scanning: XY plotter
Material: epoxy resin
Minimum wall thickness modeling: 0.1mm about
Minimum lamination thickness: 0.05mm
Proper feature size: one side of the longest 30mm ~ 50mm
Maximum feature size: 150 × 150 × 150mm
(X, Y, Z) the outside of the device dimensions: 500 × 500 × 750mm