Tobeca  3D printer
Tobeca  3D printer Tobeca  3D printer Tobeca  3D printer
Valoración de los usuarios
Tamaño máximo de impresión:
200x200x200 mm
Tamaño de filamento:
3,00 mm
Diámetro de boquilla:
0,40 mm
Espesor de capa:
100 - 300 microns
Precisión en posicionamiento eje XY:
15 microns
Base calefactable:
Tipos de archivo:
.stl, gcode, .obj
Open source:
Formato de entrega:
Precio (sin impuestos):
900,00 €
País de fabricación:

The Tobeca ® is 100% open source and developed and manufactured in France.

Simple and practical, it is transportable in 2 minutes in its carrying case to make it a successful product and compact.

Thanks to the simplicity of its design and its robustness, make 3D prints while nomad is possible!

Its USB connection allows you to connect to any computer (Windows, Linux or Mac) and integrated Repetier Host software includes all the features needed to manage your thoughts and your 3D printer.

Its pre registered printing profiles to choose a click speed and finish the model to print.

Why choose Tobeca ®?

  • Comfortable: 20x20x22cm volume printing.
  • Quality: all parts have been designed and chosen for their quality and durability.
  • Easy to use: pre-configured printer profiles, software all in one.
  • Transportable: its integrated case and its rugged design can transport the Tobeca ®without having to recalibrate.
  • Complete: the coil support is integrated into the Tobeca ®, no need for a dispenser door. The carriage incorporates LED lighting to still view the work area.
  • Compact and quiet, it fits easily on a desk.
  • Fast and accurate prints with quality mechanical components
  • Versatile: With its heating plate, it can print various materials such as bioplastics, nylon, hybrid plastic / wooden ...
  • Quick and easy assembly: Assembly and disassembly in 2 minutes.
  • Customizable: 4 colors available for a printer that suits you.
  • Reactive support: email and forum, customized on request assistance.
  • Replicable: Because the project is open source under the GNU / GPL v3 license, you can repeat yourself all the parts.
  • Adapted to your budget: Available assembly kit or assembled and tested, with or without extended warranty ...


Included warranty of 1 year, 3-year extension option.

Package Contents:

  • 1x Tobeca ® 100% assembled and tested (plug and play)
  • 1x glass plate to plate
  • 1x power cable IEC Europe
  • 1x USB cable to connect to PC
  • 1x CD resources (documentation, software, 3D model examples) - also available onlinehere .


  • Closed Dimensions: 440x414x175mm
  • Material of the case: 7-ply birch plywood 9mm
  • Open Dimensions: 440x414x430mm
  • Weight: 10 Kg
  • Horizontal Translations: Linear LM8UU Ball 8mm steel shafts (X axis) and linear LM10UU 10mm steel balls on trees (Y axis)
  • Vertical translation: Threaded rod stainless A2 M5 metric obtained by rolling steel nut +
  • Engine: NEMA14 Stepper (Z axis) and NEMA17 High torque (15 Nm and 44), not 1.8 °, microstepping 1/16
  • Drivetrain: Belt pulleys HTD3M HTD3M polyurethane aluminum Returns belts bearings 608ZZ
  • Power supply: 220V AC to 12V DC 120W, 82% yield
  • Electronic card: Sanguinololu 1.3a
  • Pilot engine: Pololus A4988 (microstepping 1/16)
  • Power Connector: 3-pin IEC 5x20mm 1A, EU power connector
  • Computer Connector: USB A to B
  • Cooling: Active with 40mm fan
  • Plateau chaffant: 3mm aluminum plate, with 9 10W resistors 2.2 ohms in aluminum housing and NTC 100Kohms
  • Firmware: Marlin
  • Printer software Repetier Host
  • Accepted formats:... STL, OBJ, GCODE
  • Supported OS: Windows XP, 7, 8 (x86 and x64), Ubuntu and Debian Linux (x86 and x64), MAC OS
  • Technology: Extrusion melt plastics and derivatives FFF
  • Filament diameter: 3mm
  • Print head: 0.4mm standard
  • Print volume (X, Y, Z): 200x200x220mm or 8800cm3
  • Displacement resolution: 15μm (X and Y) and 0.2 microns (Z axis)
  • Thickness of layers: 0.10mm to 0.30mm (depending on quality selected)
  • Print speed: up to 200mm / s (depending on quality selected)
  • Supported Materials: PLA, ABS, hybrid wood / plastic, nylon, flexible PLA
  • Operating temperature: 15 ° C to 30 ° C
  • Storage temperature: 5 ° C to 40 ° C
  • LCD Kit - € 49.90