SLM 500 HL

Valoración de los usuarios
SLM Solutions
Polvo metálico
Tamaño máximo de impresión:
500x280x325 mm
Espesor de capa:
20 - 200 microns
Tamaño mínimo de pared:
160 - 180 microns
Formato de entrega:
2 000,00 kg
Tamaño de la impresora:
3000x2000x1100 mm
Alimentación y consumo:
400 Volt 3NPE, 32 A, 50/60 Hz, 8 KW/h
País de fabricación:

Selective Laser Melting System 500 HL provides a build chamber of 500 x 280 x 325 cmm and a unique double beam technology. Each of the two fi bre lasers (400 +1000W) operate on the powder bed by a 3D scanning unit. Two of these units are working at the same time. Included in the SLM® 500 HL is the shell-core-imaging process with two different laser beam profi les. These profi les may be used independently, but also parallel and simultaneously in the process. This will signifi cantly increase productivity.

The transport of metal powder is done by a continuous conveying system due to the increased volumes and weights. This automates the management of powder and eliminates the manual handling of loads with bottles and containers. The time consuming manual input of fi lling the system no longer applies.

The system does offer the leading software in rapid prototyping, Magic AutoFab, to process CAD/ STL-data files as a standard feature which is also used for slicing and support generation. In addition the software architecture includes modules for monitoring, auditing and quality assessment to exercise optimal quality control in production.

Build Chamber
in mm (x/y/z)
500 x 280 x 325Laser Power2 x 400 W,
and optional
2 x 1000W YLR-Faser-LaserBuild Speed70 ccm/hPract. Layer
20µm - 200µmMin. Scan Line /
Wall Thickness
160 - 180 µmOperational Beam
80 - 150 µm / 700 µmScan Speed15 m/sInert Gas Consumption
in Operation
Ar/N2, 5 l/minInert Gas Consumption
Ar/N2, 2500l @100/min.Compressed Air
ISO 8573-1,
30 l/min. @ 1,5 barDimensions in
mm (B x H x T)
3000 x 2000 (2500) x 1100Weight~ 2000 kgE-Connection /
400 Volt 3NPE, 32 A,
50/60 Hz, 8 KW/h