Valoración de los usuarios
Replicator Warehouse
Tamaño máximo de impresión:
210 mm Diameter, 200 mm Height
Espesor de capa:
100 microns
Tipos de archivo:
Formato de entrega:
Precio (sin impuestos):
460,00 €
Precio orientativo en moneda original:
380 £
País de fabricación:
Reino Unido

We created a new 3D printer!

It is built with the least amount of parts, improving reliability, reducing price. Our unique rotating bed is revolutionary!

Details of our 3D printer

1. Cheap when compared to any other existing printers with a large printing area and speed. This must make more people easier to have it.

2. Our 3D printer consists of far fewer parts. Compared to RepRap, it contains only one third of the parts. So it’s really easy to build it even if you are a beginner. We assemble the main parts of the printer, saving you from all the hard work, so you can be up and running in one hour. No soldering necessary, just plug the main parts together with a few bolts and you’re ready to print! We will upload all instruction on our website.

3. The bed is a disc and turns 360 degrees. This is unique and fun! Also this keeps the bed perfectly level using a unique leveling system. We invented this bed shape to get rid of extra bearings, belts, rods and plastic parts.

4. The rotating bed makes it ideal for

3D scanning applications. Scanning turntable mode is included (3rd party scanner is required)

5. We are planning colourful printers, such as orange, sky blue, pink and light green. We also have white and black. This very cute 3D printer would compliment your rooms’ decoration.

6. Light but robust! You can travel with it easily! You can take it apart and build it again easily, folding it up into a small, flat traveling size in minutes.

7. Fully Modular, we designed it so very easy to change and upgrade any of its parts.