Printupy 3D printer dualX

Valoración de los usuarios
Tamaño máximo de impresión:
200x200x200 mm
Tipo de 'hot end':
Tamaño de filamento:
3,00 mm
Diámetro de boquilla:
0,50 mm
Espesor de capa:
Base calefactable:
Tipos de archivo:
.stl, gcode
13,00 kg
Tamaño de la impresora:
420x420x700 mm
Alimentación y consumo:
AC 230V, 50-60 Hz
Precio (sin impuestos):
1500,00 €
País de fabricación:

The Printupy Desktop 3D printer - a standalone complete system with modern 3D printing technology.

This 3D printer is the quintessence of the state-of-the-art technology - a professional looking desktop accessory:

All 3 axes are independently controlled by steppermotor driven T2.5 belts which guarantees highest printing precision

Advantages of a timing belt driven Z-axis:

Most 3D printer systems use a lead screw or a threaded rod as drive for the Z-axis. Backlash and imbalances causes errors in X- and Y-direction when moving the Z-axis. These errors are visible as a vertical pattern on the printed object.

When using two timing belts as attachment for the Z-axis these errors can be cleverly avoided. Consequently the Z-axis is nearly error free, thus the layers of a printed object sit perfectly on top of each other.

Advantages of a DualX 3D printer:

In many cases dual 3D printers work with two printheads on one carriage. While one nozzle prints, the second print head might scratch on the freshly printed layers or drop unwanted plastic into the printed object.

DualX allows to handle this problem very smartly: Using two completely independent X-carriages allows this 3D printer to park one printhead besides the printbed, while the other one is printing. As soon as the first printhead has finished its layer, the printheads change their positions and the second prints, while the first one parks. Poor scratch marks or plastic drops don't even occur.

Rigid aluminium frame
Screw-on linear bearings for extra precision
Core: A autonomous Echinus Board with SD-card-slot and an elegant Echinus Vision contoller
Two precisely manufactured 3D printheads type J-Head (with in-house modifications)
Integrated heated printbed
Integrated power supply
Lasercut acrylic glass housing
CNC made gears
3 optical endstops for highest calibration accuracy of the printing origin
All wires disappear inside the smooth acrylic housing
USB stick with clearly presented manual and pre-configured software