Perfactory 3 DSP

Valoración de los usuarios
SLA, Proyector DLP
Fotopolímero, Exclusivo de la marca
Tamaño máximo de impresión:
140x105x230 mm
Espesor de capa:
50 - 150 microns
Tipos de archivo:
Formato de entrega:
85,00 kg
Tamaño de la impresora:
730x480x1350 mm
Alimentación y consumo:
100-120V, 5.4 Amps 220-240V, 2.4 Amps
País de fabricación:

EnvisionTEC’s Perfactory® 3 Digital Shell Printer (DSP) can be usred for large scale production due to its large build area and high precision. Fitted with the Enhanced Resolution Module (ERM), this enables resolutions down to 25 µm in X and Y. The micro mechanics can achieve as little as 25 µm in Z (material dependent), making it one of the highest resolution systems in the industry. This accuracy does not come at the sacrifice of speed. The DSP can build up to 40 shells in 2-3 hours (1-2 hours with high speed module) as the DLP process cures all parts simultaneously. The resolution is transferred into the highest quality surface finishes achievable by any rapid manufacturing process. This is just one of the reasons this machine is a firm customer favorite with leading hearing aid manufacturers.

  • Projector Resolution: 1400 x 1050 Pixels
  • Native Pixel Size: 0.0040" (100 µm)
  • Pixel Size With ERM: 0.0020" (50 µm)


  • Utilizes a built-in ethernet to connect directly to a PC workstation or be integrated into a network
  • Economic material use with no vat
  • Minimized components make the system user-serviceable
  • Low acquisition costs
  • Delivered and installed with all relevant software to enable automatic support generation and perfect model production
  • Material changeover can be done quickly and easily

Utilizing a built in Ethernet interface, the Perfactory 3 DSP can connect directly to a PC workstation or be integrated into a network. The Perfactory 3 DSP has an embedded PC, which allows the system to work independently from the pre-processing workstation and be remotely monitored from any computer on the network using the communication software that is integrated into the Perfactory Software Suite.

Materials Available:

  • E-Shell 200 Series - Opaque Ear Shells - Pink, Tan, Mocca, Beige, Cocoa, Brown
  • E-Shell 300 Series - Transparent for Ear Molds - Clear, Rose, Light Brown, Brown, Clear
  • E-Shell 300 Series - Opaque for Ear Shells - Red, Blue, Black, White
  • E-Shell 500 Series - Soft for Ear Shells and Tips - Clear, Pink
  • E-Shell 600 - Transparent for Ear Molds - Clear
  • E-Shell 3000 Series - Opaque for Ear Shells - Red, Blue

Perfil de empresa

Fabricante de impresoras 3D, Fabricante de consumibles
Desarrollamos, producimos y vendemos impresoras 3D a precios competitivos. Ofrecemos soluciones específicas para clientes y sectores con nuestros...
Brüsseler Straße 51 - Gladbeck - Alemania

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