iDeator 12

Valoración de los usuarios
Tamaño máximo de impresión:
305x305x305 mm
Tamaño de filamento:
1,75 mm
Diámetro de boquilla:
0,35 mm
Espesor de capa:
100 - 500 micrones
Precisión en posicionamiento eje XY:
10 microns
Base calefactable:
Tipos de archivo:
45,00 kg
Tamaño de la impresora:
568x520x622 mm
Alimentación y consumo:
100–240  V,  8  amps,  50–60  Hz
Precio orientativo en moneda original:
4000 $
País de fabricación:
Estados Unidos

This may single-handedly move 3D printing from hobbyists to professionals.

That’s what one of our best iD3 customers told us when we asked him to take a prototype iDeator 12 for a test drive. “I’ll be able to see and present my work faster and more easily. It will also change production times and costs.”

We couldn’t have said it better ourselves.

The first iDeator 12 production printers will ship in March.

We like to think we’re changing the 3D printing industry. Again.

Key Features

  • Includes Dell tablet with Windows
  • Sleek, top-of-the-market design
  • 12” x 12” x 12” print area, including a 1,728 cubic inch print envelope for those larger than large jobs
  • Small footprint—only 24” x 24”—delivers professional results in a desk-top model
  • Extrusion speeds of up to 200 mm/s—one of the fastest on the market
  • Affordable for business critical professionals and companies of every size
  • Heated build plate to 200°C
  • Dual extruders to 450°C—your printing material choices are practically endless

Perfil de empresa

Fabricante de impresoras 3D
Diseñamos, fabricamos y vendemos impresoras 3D de gran formato que satidfagan las necesidades de los parofesionales.  
1235 Westlakes Drive - Berwyn - Estados Unidos

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