Valoración de los usuarios
Tamaño máximo de impresión:
500x500x420 mm
Espesor de capa:
Tipos de archivo:
USB, Ethernet
1 000,00 kg
Tamaño de la impresora:
900x1400x2300 mm
Alimentación y consumo:
3 Phase(360-440 V, phase 50/60 Hz) 12kW
País de fabricación:

3Geometry’s DSM™ is a laser based sand sintering system which produces sand molds directly from 3D CAD data which can be further used for casting applications in a range of ferrous & non-ferrous metals. The system is highly suited for intricate & batch type castings that would require enormous amount of time in tool development for producing similar molds. The system is also highly suitable during casting development in an iterative environment where the variables include part design, mold design and other casting parameters. Using a 3D CAD Model of a mold, the system directly produces the sand mold by using layered manufacturing which enables the system to build complex geometries, undercuts, internal cores etc. 

Key highlights of the process include :

Toolless Manufacturing  -  In development of intricate castings, a significant amount of time & effort is utilized in tool development using which molds are produced. In significantly complex castings especially with undercuts & internal cores, this time is a major hurdle in shrinking product development time. The costs associated with tooling development are also very steep. In the present era, where product development time is an important criterion for ensuring profitability and competence, the DSM™offers significant advantage to companies. Since, our system uses a process of toolless manufacturing, the design cycle times can be shrinked from weeks to a few days. Also, the enormous costs associated with tooling development are totally eliminated due to the minimal running costs of the system. The system is highly suited for batch type production as well where the significant tooling costs being amortized on a few pieces are eliminated.
Choice of materials - DSM™ system offers different materials to cast different metals ranging from ferrous metals including cast iron and non-ferrous metals including aluminium and magnesium. These materials are fully tested for castability including parameters like surface reaction, surface finish etc. Different materials are also available depending upon the layer resolution which define the minimum feature size and surface quality. These materials are completely interchangeable & can be used in the same machine for casting different metals.
User Friendly Environment – Our systems are built keeping the user in mind with complete automation involving only standard procedures that can be learnt within a few days. No special programming is required as our software 3GSTM totally automates the process of job preparation. Specialized equipment & apparatus is provided for cleaning the mold & preparing it for casting. Ours system also meets the international safety standards for user control.
High Return on Investments – Our systems offer the best return on investment considering the lowest cost of investment compared to any competitive technology in terms of initial system cost, consumable costs and total implementation costs. Our systems are also designed to achieve the lowest downtime possible for higher benefits to the end user.
3Geometry’s DSMTM systems can be used in different industry segments including automotive, aerospace, defence technologies, pump manufacturers, foundries etc. Its ease of use, proven technology and low cost per mold/casting ensure that this system is the best choice for your company.

DSM™ Materials

DSM™ systems can utilize a wide variety of materials including DSM Casting Media Silica Sand, Magnesium inhibited silica sand, DSM Casting Media Zircon Sand & DSM Casting Media Olivian Sand. These materials are used for casting different metals including cast iron, aluminium & magnesium. All DSMTM materials are formulated to provide the best casting results for various applications.

3GS™ Software

3GS™ Software is developed for automatic generation of machine files from 3D CAD data. The software is extremely user friendly offering simple menu & icon based commands to assist users in defining different parameters such as model orientation, building parameters, support generation etc. The programming is done automatically by the software that can be fed to the system using a LAN connection. The software is windows based & can be installed on any PC or a workstation.

Additional Accessories

All DSM™ systems come with additional accessories for model cleaning & curing.