ChefJet  3D printer
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Binder Jetting
Materiales comestibles
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203x203x152 mm
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The world’s first kitchen-ready food 3D printer.

Food is a vital part of how we celebrate, gather and relate. Now, our culinary traditions and the experiences that surround them get a little sweeter with the leading-edge ChefJet and ChefJetPro, the world's first and only professionally certified, kitchen-ready 3d food printers. With the ChefJet, culinary artists of all kinds can create stunning and tasty decorations, edible sculptures and confections of all shapes and sizes.

ChefJet prints in a variety of edibles, including sugar, chocolate or candy, bringing vast new capabilities to the kitchen counter, baking board, cake shop, bar top, and catering outfit. Combining the complete design freedom of 3D printing with edible materials, chefs can create imaginative food designs that were previously impossible to make. Full-color cocktail decorations, architectural cake supports, interlocking candies, beautiful sugar sculptures: it’s all possible with the ChefJet.

ChefJet candies come in several flavors to fit a variety of flavor profiles. What’s more, you don’t have to be an expert to use ChefJet—it comes with specialized software that provides an easy way to design 3D-printable confections in a digital cookbook.

The ChefJet Pro 3D printer is a full-color, large format printer with a build volume of 10x14x8”. ChefJet Pro printable materials also come in a variety of recipes, including chocolate, vanilla, mint, sour apple, cherry and watermelon, all of which can be printed in full-color.

ChefJet is expected to be available in the second half of 2014