CeraFab 7500

CeraFab 7500  3D printer
CeraFab 7500  3D printer
Valoración de los usuarios
SLA, Proyector DLP
Fotopolímero, Polvo cerámico
Tamaño máximo de impresión:
76x43x150 mm
Espesor de capa:
25 - 100
Tipos de archivo:
País de fabricación:
Enlace: www.lithoz.com

The system for the production of parts made of technical ceramics

With the CeraFab 7500 Lithoz offers a complete system for the production of high-quality and fully functional high-performance ceramic parts (density up to 99.4% T.D.). The CeraFab 7500 allows for the production of prototypes, small scale series and highly-complex parts made of different ceramic materials and printed directly from CAD-files.

Userfriendly operation and simple maintenance

The CeraFab 7500 is a reliable and userfriendly Plug & Play Network printer that works independently from other devices. The simple handling of the machine offers an easygoing production of highly complex parts. The software that was designed by Lithoz starts by dismantling the CAD design into layers. The information is then transmitted to the machine which builds the parts layer by layer. The CeraFab 7500 is characterized by simple maintenance. A change of material can be completed within 15 minutes.

The CeraFab 7500 is designed in a way that, depending on the design requirements, a layer thickness between 25µm and 100µm can be chosen. With the CeraFab 7500 it is possible to realize very fine layers of 25µm in very good quality. Additionally a good reproducibility of the layer thickness (± 1µm) is guaranteed. The system can build up to 100 layers per hour. With a layer thickness of 50µm a building velocity of 5mm/h can be achieved. Because of mask exposure the building velocity is independent from the cross section area that needs to be exposed and therefore regardless of the number of parts.

Cost-saving and sustainability

The CeraFab 7500 uses a LED-based exposure unit in order to generate layer information, which holds the operating costs as well as the energy consumption at a low level. The CeraFab 7500 stands out due to economic efficiency and sustainability. Thanks to its building direction (from bottom to top) the CeraFab 7500 uses just as much material as is needed for each layer. The patented LCM-Technology also makes it possible to reuse the material. The CeraFab 7500 has a functional design and only little space is needed.

Valuable complement to CIM

The Lithography-based Ceramic Manufacturing is a valuable and cost-saving complement to Ceramic Injection Moulding (CIM). Due to the tools-free manufacturing with the LCM-Technology single parts can be produced and variations in design can be realised quickly within one working cycle. The tools-free production allows design variations directly from the computer. In addition it is possible to build parts without limitations (e.g. undercuts, cell structures and cavities) that have the same properties as conventionally built ceramic parts.